Gabriele Almon

Hello, I am

GABBY almon

Organizations call me to solve problems in extreme places and spaces.



Hello! My name is Gabriele, but everyone I know calls me "Gabby."

For the past decade, I've served as a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies, domestic and international governments, and numerous humanitarian organizations around the world. I've helped these organizations prepare for and respond to large-scale emergencies and terrorist attacks. (The kind of events that become breaking news on TV and worst-case scenarios that keep leadership up at night.)  

In recent years I've worked with the best of the best to make our nation, and world, a safer place. Now, I'm interested in working with high-level decision makers to prepare their organizations for the world that is to come and develop their staff into radically creative, wildly imaginative problem solvers.

New and emerging threats are going to require more big and creative thinkers to solve them. I can help develop that talent.



I've enjoyed working with a number of forward-thinking organizations to help them think big and far ahead into the future to respond to emerging crises, threats and opportunities. A few of them include:

  • Companies: Walt Disney Co. Airbnb. Facebook. Google. Cisco. Splunk. Box. DigitalGlobe. Esri. ICF International.

  • Government: City of Los Angeles. Los Angeles Homeland Security Advisory Council. Los Angeles World Airports. U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency. U.S. Department of Homeland Security. U.S. Economic Development Administration.

  • Humanitarian: United Nations (various offices + agencies). NetHope. World Vision. Catholic Relief Services. DirectRelief.

  • Academic: University of Southern California. UCLA. Northeastern University. University of Michigan. California University of Pennsylvania (Cal U.)

From artificial intelligence, to cyber security, and even outer space, my work heavily involves using cutting edge technology and tried-and-true coalition building to help the highest levels of leadership solve their greatest challenges.



Strategic planning
Creative problem-solving
Brainstorm facilitation
Technology development



Disruptive thinking
Developing creative cultures
Community building
Cross-sector collaboration



I really enjoy rallying + exposing leaders to new ways to solve big problems. If you're hosting a conference and are looking for a dynamic and engaging speaker, let's connect. Topics I can speak to include:

  • Cultivating more creative-problem solvers and imaginative thinking to solve large-scale, global problems

  • Mobilizing untapped communities for large-scale engagement and problem-solving

  • How tech companies and creative talent can utilize their platforms, products, and people for deeply impactful good

  • Forecasts of emerging national + global challenges and opportunities on the horizon

Recent speaking engagements include:  Harvest Summit, Mapbox's Locate Conference, Facebook Community Boost Events, Levo League, Yellow Co., Municipal Management Association of Southern California's (MMASC) Women's Leadership Summit,  California Emergency Services Association, and FEMA's Executive Academy.